Minus just LOVES racking on its brains
and face new exciting challenges! That’s why
so many brands and institutions have trusted
our creativity and skills to develop custom creations!


  • For the opening of Paris Picasso Museum in 2014, the Museum has asked Minus to develop 2 activity books both in French and English for children aged between 5 and 8 and 8 and 12 years old.   The objective was to provide a support for activities during the visit as well as making Picasso's work accessible to all.

  • By the end of 2015, Rodin Museum opens again after months of renovation. The Museum team wishes to launch an activity book for the young public which modernises and makes accessible the work of the great Master. A successful result with the bilingual activity book which exists in yellow and bright red at the Museum shop.

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    In 2014, Printemps wants to develop a stationary collection for the Boutique Blanche of the Printeps Haussmann and ask Minus to develop a "Wedding activity book" exclusively available for their clients. 

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  • For the summer 2016, Minus suggest to develop a TRUE holiday activity book for Monoprix full of fun activities to do while travelling, on the beach or when it is raining cats and dogs! Monoprix team loved the idea and "En route pour les vacances" was sold exclusively at Monoprix in July 2016.

  • Getting to know the history of your city while having fun : that’s what the city of Roubaix challenged us to do when they asked us to create an illustrated coloring and playful timeline for each and every elementary school of the city! This fascinating partnerhsip ended up in a giant (4m x 50cm) timeline, full of details, games and funfacts!

  • In 2015, the city of Roubaix ask Minus to work on an activity book on life spectacle. Used by teachers and cultural institutions, this booklet allows children to better understand what they view as well as their emotions... It is such a succes that MEL decides to expand it to the all od Lille metropole.

  • After the warm welcome received by "Que le spectacle commence", the City of Roubaix asks Minus to work on a new activity book. How to reinforce children's feeling of belonging to their city is the main preoccupation ! "Cap sur ma ville" is a wonderful tool for teachers to bring their pupils to (re)discover their city with new eyes.

  • Charmed by Minus' concept, Radio France Publishing asked us to work together on an activity book dedicated to "music" ! The project seduced us and we race into it !!!

  • After the success of Paris exhibition "Gaulois, une exposition renversante", The Forum des Sciences (Lille) welcome the exhibition. Charmed by our work, the exhibition team ask Minus to develop an activity book to be sold with the exhibition tickets. This booklet will be validate by the Exhibition Scientific Comity.

  • Ad Hoc, a family festival around performing arts located in the area of Le Havre asked us to develop its visual identity, as well as many games and goodies… And of course we were delighted to do it!